Juice Plus +: I began purchasing Juice Plus+ chewables for my daughters in 2011.  I decided to try them because, though I was making my best effort, I knew they weren’t eating the recommended quantity of fruits and vegetables each day (Sound familiar?). I view them as a bridge or compliment to a healthy diet – which is what it is intended to be – not a replacement for fruits and vegetables.  I like the fact that it is concentrated “food” from vine ripened and juiced produce rather than a supplement or vitamin.  The result has been that my girls have missed only 0-2 school days since 2011 due to illness!  AND I feel better about my job as a mother by ensuring they are getting all the nutrients their bodies need as they grow.  I started taking the capsules myself after signing one of my children up for the Children’s Health Study (this program provides chewables for participating children for free with the purchase of the capsules for an adult) and one of the great results has been that after years of suffering from seasonal allergies I am now allergy free.

I have been so impressed by the product that I became a distributor the spring of 2012.

They also offer a product called Complete which is non-GMO vegetable based protein powder.  I love my morning smoothie with a scoop of the vanilla flavor!

Recently Dr. David Katz sang the praises of this “whole food based” supplement suggesting it was the best product of it’s kind on the market.

If you would like to learn more about Juice Plus, please contact me using the form below.

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