Which vowel will you choose?

These are strange times. It would be so easy to throw up your hands and say “screw it” in our current situation, to just give in and start baking cookies and binge-watching Netflix. That nightly glass or two (or three) of wine can seem like a necessity right now after a day of home schooling your children or trying to do your job by video calls without co-workers noticing you are wearing pajamas and slippers.

Consider this… Won’t packing on the “Quarantine 15” only extend the time period in which the Corona Virus has a grip on your mental state and overall health long after the time when isolation and social distancing has ended?

What if there is another option? Another choice that would leave you with a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day while you are under house arrest? A choice that won’t compound any feelings of helplessness, frustration or lack of control you may be experiencing?

One of the excuses I hear most in regard to people’s inability to eat healthy, plan meals and exercise regularly is that they don’t have enough time. Well, guess what? Most of us will have an abundance of time on our hands over the next few weeks. This could be the perfect time to start practicing some new behaviors that may become habits by the time this is over.

Keep it simple! Pick 1-2 things to start incorporating into your day/week:

  • Eat a minimum of one fruit and one vegetable daily
  • Include protein with every meal and snack
  • Complete an at-home workout 3-5 days per week
  • Drink alcohol no more than 2 days per week
  • Eat only one treat per day
  • Get out of the house for a walk, jog, hike, bike, etc. daily
  • Get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each day

If all goes well with the first item/s you select, include another when you are ready and try to build from there. You may find that the routines you build as your care for your mental and physical health during this time will help give you some comfort and certainty that we could all use a little more of these days.

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