Happy Monday! Do anything fun this weekend?

We had a fairly low key, not too hectic weekend. Sunday everyone was home for a relaxing family dinner. I love to end our weekends that way. It seems like it happens so infrequently that we are all in the one place at meal time. We enjoyed my typical summer Sunday go-to dinner of grilled steaks, spinach salad and corn muffins. I like that menu because it’s a healthy dinner that doesn’t require a lot of prep and cooking time. I’d rather be sitting outside in the sun on a Sunday afternoon than in the kitchen. Am I right?!

Tonight I had planned to make Mexican Style Pulled Pork, but I had left over steak I felt compelled to use. I can be quite impassioned about using up the left overs. So, I’ll make that next week instead since I have all the ingredients now. Instead we used the steak in soft tacos with mexican slaw (shredded cabbage slaw tossed with a dressing of salsa and sour cream).

I’m also planning on these two items this week:

Grilled BBQ Chicken Foil Packets (GF & Paleo DEPENDS on what type of BBQ sauce you use): I’ve made these before and they were a hit.

Zucchini Noodles & Sausage (GF & Paleo if you exclude the parmesan): I am going to make this without the kale and maybe add some tomatoes or another vegetable the family may prefer.

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