There are only two more weeks of summer and I don’t know about you, but that bums me out. Activities are already starting up for the girls. Summer is so fleeting and I wish it was more like 12 weeks instead of 8. Despite the fact that I don’t think the weather has been all that great, we have had a great summer. We still have some fun plans remaining to look forward to. Wednesday evening I’m taking the girls to see Shawn Mendes, this weekend is the husband’s birthday and we are headed to Chatham over Labor Day weekend. I’m going to enjoy every last minute before the grind of the school year resumes.

I haven’t posted my weekly meal plan in a couple of weeks because I haven’t really been trying out or making specific recipes. Instead I’ve had a core list of ingredients on hand that I can access to whip up dinner for whomever is kicking around when meal time rolls around.

These are the ingredients I stock up on:
Rao’s Marinara (no added sugar)
Green Mountain Gringo Salsa
Homemade balsamic vinaigrette (1/3 cup of olive oil, 3 TBS balsamic vinegar and 1 TBS dijon mustard)
Frozen Applegate Organic Turkey Burgers
Chicken breasts
Frozen shrimp
Mixed salad greens

There are SO many possibilities to mix together from this list. Shrimp or grilled chicken with zoodles and marinara, salad using mixed greens or spinach with grilled chicken, grilled shrimp or turkey burger with balsamic vinaigrette or salsa and any other veggies you have available, wilted greens topped with shrimp, chicken and marinara, shrimp and sliced zucchini in the grill basket and topped with salsa, marinara or simply seasoned – To name a few! If you have a weekly local Farmer’s Market, you can also swing by and grab something to add to the possibilities.

So, there is really no reason you can’t serve up a healthy dinner when you have a core list of ingredients available for you to whip together at any time. This works great in the summer, but probably even more important for those hectic mid-week evenings year round.

I have pinned some fun new recipes to try once the school year gets underway. Have you ever checked out my Pinterest boards? Some good ideas saved there! I know summer is hard to stay on track, but if there’s a will, there’s a way, right?

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