We all have them – Those nights when everyone in the household is going in different directions and you think there is no way cooking a healthy meal is possible.  Not true! These are two of my favorite, easy recipes that are healthy, simple and delish.

Chicken Burros or Quesas: Begin with a rotisserie chicken (purchased from someplace like Whole Foods that begins with chicken not treated with antibiotics, etc.).  Remove and pull/shred the meat into small pieces.  Place the chicken in a skillet with the contents of a jar of Green Mountain Gringo Salsa and heat over medium-heat.  Optional Add-Ins: You can also toss in frozen corn, black beans or spinach (Or many other things you have kicking around).  This can all be done the night prior or in the morning before you start your day.  When it’s time for dinner reheat a portion of the mixture in the microwave and either wrap in a whole wheat tortilla or have it quesadilla style by folding a whole wheat tortilla in half with some of the mixture in the middle and heat each side until browned in a skillet lightly coated with cooking spray.  You can add cheese, leftover brown rice from a previous night’s dinner and/or additional vegetables to either option.

Breakfast for Dinner: Eggs!  You can either scramble them or make an omelet.  The night prior or in the morning, you can sauté peppers and onions or some other vegetable mixture (perhaps left over roasted vegetables from a previous night’s meal) to mix into the eggs.  Simply crack, and beat 2-3 eggs per person in a bowl, pour into a skillet, add your veggies (and cheese if you so desire) and cook.  You can serve them with whole wheat toast or english muffins or wrap up in a whole wheat tortilla.

VOILA!  Healthy dinner options for your hectic mid-week nights!

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