I started experimenting with my Crock Pot (a.k.a. slow cooker) a couple of years ago.  I have some slow cooker cook books and have found other recipes on-line or in magazines.  I have found a few good recipes that we have enjoyed, but I have also dumped some not-so-good ones down the drain.  Nonetheless, as the temperature drops and I transition to enjoying warmer, heartier foods over the winter I keep returning to a quest to find more recipes to add to the list of successful slow cooker stories.

Yesterday I learned about foodgawker.com “A mouth watering photo gallery by food bloggers from around the world.”  As I looked through the photos I found some new recipes for slow cookers and an idea was born.  Today I am kicking off “The Crock Pot Project” which will make my quest to expand my list of successful recipes more official.  AND you, my loyal followers, will benefit from this mission too!  I will share the recipes that are worth trying and you can make them for yourselves.

You may wonder why I’m so interested in the Crock Pot.  I admit it does scream of something right out of Home Economics in the 1950’s or something (I don’t even own an apron for cryin’ out loud!).  OK… for one thing you just can’t beat coming home in the afternoon to the great smell they create (though if you are working from home it can be kind of torturously mouth watering).  For many families the hours around meal time can be hectic and there isn’t a lot of time for cooking elaborate meals.  Cooking healthy meals for my family is a priority and you have to be creative to acheive this goal with the road blocks that modern day family life can provide.  In addition, as a Health Coach I’m always looking for ways to remove the “I don’t have time” excuse from people’s lives enabling them to prepare and enjoy home cooked meals as well.  Meals cooked at home are almost always more healthful than take-out or packaged foods AND there is just a more “feel good” vibe when you can sit down at the table with your family to something you prepared, that tastes good, is actually good for you and didn’t create more stress in your evening.

So, to that end, I am going to more formally strive to find new recipes to try 1-2x per week that will ideally result in more success stories I can post for you all to try too.

To kick it off, I am posting a tried and true recipe I already know is a big hit – Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken.  Now this recipe is absurdly simple and versatile.  You can eat it straight out of the pot, put it in a taco, wrap it in a burrito, make it into a quesadilla.  Depending on the size of your family there will likely be leftovers.  So, you can have it out of the pot one night and then as a burrito another night.

Tonight I am trying out a new recipe: Slow Cooker Sloppy Lentils.  More to follow on that! 😉

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