Working with Rose has been a fantastic experience. She’s got the right mix of understanding the science and theory behind nutrition and healthy living while also having wonderful practical tools and tips. Rose does a wonderful job of listening and probing to really understand the heart of an issue and any barriers. Once she has a full picture her advice is always spot on. Rose knows when to nurture or push me — depending on my mood and what I need at any given time. Over the years, I’ve worked with several people and Rose is by far among the best!

Lisa T.

It’s been six months since I started macros so I decided to look at before & after photos and I can’t deny the results and how much better I feel! I want to give Rose a HUGE thanks for helping me get started on this path so, THANK YOU!!!

Kaleen C.

Allow Rose to help you take control of your eating and change your life forever!

Marc G.

Rose is encouraging, professional yet approachable, and genuinely shares her excitement over your progress. With Rose I learned what eating in moderation really means and that I could eat the same things, but in different ratios.

Jess M.

Rose came into my life just when I needed her! Like all moms out there, I never made time for myself. I was noticing year after year that my energy levels were down and I never felt good. I needed Rose to get ME back on track. She has so much information to share! She took the time to listen and came up with a plan specific to my needs, and most importantly, one that I could actually follow. She is very knowledgeable about all things nutrition and exercise. I loved all her helpful hints and I know she will always be there if I have any questions or just need a little push! I feel like I am ME again!

Kim P.

Along with Rose’s support and guidance, I was able to achieve something I failed at for 20 months. The opportunity Rose provided me lifted me up more than I could have imagined. I plan to continue my progress and check-in here and there. Thanks so much. You’ll never know how much this meant to me. I am in such a happy place. I thought it was gone forever, but I’m back!

Andrea W.

Rose is committed. For her, it’s personal, not a business. She wants her clients to be successful. And she is so happy for them to get good results and feel better about themselves.

Amy F.

Rose brings the presence of a professional as well as the demeanor of a friend. She really cares for each person she works with on an individual level. When I am talking to her it is like I am the only person she is working with. Her suggestions, advice and cheerleading have helped me immensely and I am well on my way to losing the weight I need, reaching the fitness level I want, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Bruce S.

Rose provides accountability. I have increased awareness of the types and quantities of food I eat. I was getting measured for some new dress shirts today…Chest size down 5″… Waist size down 9″…Hip size down 7″…Thanks so much for your help with this!!!

Michael S.

Thank you very much for all your help!! I couldn’t have done this with out you!!!

Jane A.

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