Wow is this post late! Not that I think anyone other than me has even noticed that I typically post weekly recipes on Friday and didn’t last week. Maybe I’m wrong! Have you been wondering if something terrible happened to me? Well, nothing catastrophic thankfully. We had guests visiting over the weekend and other activities on the agenda that got in the way.

I have actually been thinking of moving my weekly recipes post to Sunday or Monday. I had been posting it Friday because I do meal planning for the upcoming week on Thursday/Friday and grocery shop Friday, but I don’t think most people are looking that far ahead. Is it helpful to have a recipe reference leading into the weekend or toward the end of the weekend when it’s more likely you are starting to think about your week. Hmmm… Any opinions? Please share!

Anyway, looks like we are inadvertently eating a lot of chicken this week. Oh well…

Baked Chicken Enchiladas: I varied this recipe by using a 16 oz jar of Green Mountain Gringo salsa rather than the diced tomatoes. I also excluded the mexican spices since the salsa had seasonings. Not sure which I like better. What do you think?

Simple Roasted Chicken Drumsticks (PALEO): Coat the drumsticks with olive oil and a salt, pepper, garlic salt seasoning mix then bake at 450 for 30-40 min. rotating the drumsticks mid-way. I will also served some roasted diced potatoes (also tossed with olive oil and seasonings) and green beans.

BBQ Chicken Casserole (NEW & PALEO): This is a recipe I pinned from PaleOmg. Juli (from PaleOmg) says “this casserole is stupid easy. And totally delicious.” Well, let’s see! I know I will be excluding the peppers to avoid complaints for the girls. 😉


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