The last hoorah!  I like to do something really fun on Labor Day weekend to embrace every last second of summer.  This year we are going to Block Island for the weekend.  We’ve never been, but a good friend goes every summer and raves about it.  The weather looks great.  I can’t wait!

And once we get home…

Monday: Homemade Burgers on the grill (Using ground beef from Walden Local Meat) and Grilled Corn & Edamame Succotash (NEW) I’m planning to substitute chickpeas for the edamame because my girls like them a lot and that will make them more likely to dig in. ?

Tuesday: Grilled Chicken w/ Tomato Vinaigrette with Make Your Own Salad options.  I have made the vinaigrette as a marinade once before and it’s really good.

Wednesday: White Bean & Sausage Ragout I have a portion in the freezer for a really easy night of “cooking”. ?

Thursday: My running club is coordinating a team relay and then we will convene to a local watering hole for beverages and snacks. ? The rest of the family is on their own!

*If a recipe name isn’t followed by “(NEW)”, that means we’ve tried before and it’s so good we are making it again!

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