I’m really still struggling with the mid-week after school/evening activities as we finish the fourth week of school.  I’ve screwed up the schedule with the math tutor two weeks in a row and one day this week I panicked and emailed one of my daughter’s soccer coaches to let them know she would be late only to realize afterward that it was my other daughter who had soccer that night.  Very embarrassing!

It wasn’t quite as challenging last September to get into the groove.  Each of my daughters added one thing they are involved in this year which is resulting in ME being oversheduled trying to get them where they need to be AND prepare dinner each night.  I need to carefully map out each evening, determine how much time I have, when I can cook and then pick the right recipes to work with my limitations.  I find slow cookers, salads, grilling and mexican style meals often work best with a crazy schedule.

Thankfully no cooking over the weekend ? , but this is what I have planned for next week:

Monday: Jenny’s Sweet Potato Hash

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore served over pasta or wilted greens

Wednesday: White Chicken Chili I’m doubling the recipe so that I have enough for our family plus a meal I signed up to deliver through the Neighborhood Brigade.


Also, my goddaughter started her Freshmen year at UVM at the end of August.  I would like to send her a little healthy snack care package.  It’s been on my list for a few weeks, but as I already shared, I’ve been a little buried and haven’t gotten to it yet.

I am buying the ingredients for these great Peanut Butter Trail Mix Bars I’ve made before with the hope of making them next week.  I recommend trying these for school or work lunches/snacks.  You can use different combinations of nuts than what is noted in the recipe and I found 1/4 cup of honey was plenty.  I also omitted the chocolate chips.  Give them a try!

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