Things are going really well so far with my Spring Cleanse & Research Project!  I am really enjoying the Joos product.  While some flavors I like better than others, I haven’t sampled one that I didn’t like so far.  I am surprised how long a Joos with chia seeds in it for breakfast can last before I start feeling hungry again.  My youngest daughter has also really liked the two Elixirs she’s sampled: Original and Pineapple.  They are really refreshing after a mid-morning work out.

Similar to my experience when doing my own 3 Steps Toward Optimal Health program, I am amazed at how much easier it is to refrain from making poor choices when you have made a decision and commitment to participate in a structured program like these.  I’m at the end of Day 4 and my cravings and distractions have really diminished.    

I made two great new soup recipes this week to have for lunches: Peas & Carrots and Curried Parsnip & Celery.  I decided to create a new section on my Recipes tab for “Clean Recipes for Cleansing“.  I will keep recipes like these two new ones there that can be incorporated into most cleansing programs like the Joos Reboot and my 3 Steps Toward Optimal Health Program.

There are a lot of comparisons that can be made to my 3 Steps Toward Optimal Health program.  I have some ideas about how to merge them, but I’ll save that for an end-of-cleanse recap next week.  Stay tuned…


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