This was a great slow cooker Paleo recipe I tried for the first time on Thursday night with Debra.  I have to admit sometimes I stress a little when selecting and preparing a meal for Debra.  She is often critical of meals she prepares for me on Thursdays that I think are great.  So, I often wonder if she really liked the meal I prepared for her.  Well, I think this one turned out so well, I created an actual page for it under my Recipe tab.  I was very surprised when my most challenging to please oldest daughter said “Mom, this is good.”  I nearly fell out of my chair. 🙂  Of all the things I’ve made which seemed tamer than a jambalaya and this is what gets positive reviews.  Well, you just never know…

Added bonus: There was enough left to put in the freezer for another meal in the future too!

I also served Wilted Kale with Golden Shallots on the side for Debra and I.  I thought that was also really good and will make that again in the future.  Very simple, very good.

*This recipe would also be Phase 3 approved on the 3 Steps Toward Optimal Health program.

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