Yesterday after teaching my class at HYP Studio there was a Joos representative, Jane Goldstein, in the lobby sharing samples of their products.  This product is not new to me.  Another local trainer I know and have taken classes with in the past has been using and recommending it to her clients for a few years now.  Jane had also visited HYP about a month ago to offer samples and the product is always for sale in a small refrigerator in the HYP lobby (with Monday and Thursday weekly deliveries).  Joos is made from 100% organic, fresh-pressed fruits and vegetables.  It is raw and vegan with nothing else added – just a lot of healthy stuff like beets, cucumbers, bok choy, apples, carrots, etc., etc.,  You can purchase it in single servings as a snack or meal replacement or you can purchase in quantity for a 7, 14 or 21 day cleanse.

You know how you can pass by something a bunch of times and one day for no apparent reason you pause to actually see it?  Well, I had that AHA moment yesterday with Joos.

Why did I pause this time to consider the product?  I think it’s due to a few things: 1) I enjoy and look forward to a “spring cleaning” (a.k.a. cleanse) this time of year as I look ahead to warmer weather (picture less clothes and bathing suits).  I have been doing the 3 Steps Toward Optimal Health program 1-2x per year for several years now.  2) Following mid-winter vacation or other extended times of celebration and less structured and clean eating habits (such as summer vacation or December) I can find it challenging to get back on track with healthy and mindful eating.  Participating in a cleanse resets my habits.  3) I enjoy trying new products, plans and strategies that are available with a goal toward optimal health (Remember my Jumpstart to Skinny Review?).  4) My husband is traveling all next week and the timing is ideal to try it.

So, after a great discussion with Jane, I’m going to give the 7-day cleanse a whirl beginning Sunday!  One of the things this plan incorporates that is important to me and why I’m not a fan of some other juicing style cleanses is eating some real food.  I can’t, nor do I think anyone should, sustain themselves on nothing but liquids.  The Joos plan has you drink one of their juices for breakfast and dinner, one of their elixirs (purified water based drink) as a snack, a lunch consisting of whole grains, vegetables, legumes, etc. and any other additional fruits and vegetables throughout the day as needed to avoid extreme hunger.  There is also a recommendation of adding in some nuts if you are exercising.  I exercise 1-2 hours a day typically 7 days per week.  I can’t possibly live on only liquids.  So, this plan (with a couple of minor tweaks due to my exercise regimen) seems manageable to me.

Keep an eye out for my weekly meal plan post tomorrow where I’ll outline how I plan to test drive this local product from Newton, MA next week.

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